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Lipstick / Martinelli Luce / Product Design

2017/ LIPSTICK is a floor to ceiling rotating lamp designed for MARTINELLI LUCE. The lamp was inspired by vintage examples from the 50’s and is produced in metal and aluminium. The name refers to the red used in all color versions of the lamp.

Hotelroyal / Zanotta / Product Design

2017/ I was inspired by the Gio Ponti headboards of the early 60’s, in particular, one from the ‘Hotel Royal’ in Naples.  In designing this bed for Zanotta I wanted to achieve a contemporary version of those iconic designs. The light proportion and shape of the upholstered head and foot boards have a modern vintage mood, […]

Complicity / La Casa do ut do e i Valori dell’Abitare / charity

2016/ Alessandro Mendini curated the 2016 DO UT DO charity event called the ‘House of DO UT DO’. I was included in the list of eight leading architects and designers who he asked to design conceptual rooms for the exhibition. These rooms were experienced as a 3D visual tour at prestigious events in some of Italy’s most […]

Evolution / Simas / Product Design, Bathroom Design, Art Direction & Graphics

2011 / Classic with a twist defines this vintage esthetic reinterpreted for a modern interior. Retro detailing blends with clean lines and contemporary shapes. The collection was originally meant to be purely ‘classic’ but quickly became more trend oriented to follow the tendencies of the moment.The styling and sets for the photography in the brochure […]

Exclusive Showroom / Marco Bicego / Interior Design

2009 / When Marco Bicego commissioned the building of a new and prestigious headquarters in Trissino, he asked me to design the Showroom dedicated to sales and help with the overall finishing touches throughout the building. The showroom was an extremely important part of the structure and needed to be functional yet at the same […]

Beds / Interflex, Emmebi, Cinova / Product Design

1992 – 2013 / In 1992 I designed a bed called Tati for the company Interflex. It was the first “light-style” upholstered bed and was inspired by the idea of a continuous rug to form a base and a headboard. I worked with fashion designers Pierangelo D’agostin and Gun Johansen on the sartorial detailing and […]

Early Work / Edra, Plinio il Giovane, and more / Product Design

1990 – 2005 / Some of my first product design in Italy, and a couple other more recent projects. Although some of this earlier work was slightly decorative, my common theme has always featured a simplicity of lines. Edra, Sech Ratan, Plinio il Giovane, Dimple wiskey, Mito Lighting, Bieffeplast, BRF, Milano Bedding, Cierre, Schatzl, Bysteel

AD Campaign 2014-16 / Marco Bicego / Art Direction

2014 / Building on the concept of unconventional and casual Italian elegance, the 2014 AD campaign with Italian super model Chiara Baschetti was shot in a warm, domestic and contemporary setting. The atmosphere was chosen specifically to reflect Brand’s slogan of ‘Everyday Luxury’ and the new world-wide visual merchandising elements featuring beige colors, light Italian […]

Unico Collection / Marco Bicego / Art Direction, Graphics

2013 / To celebrate the new ‘one-of-a-kind’ jewels Marco Bicego was creating, we dedicated a luxurious hard cover book to the collection. The book includes a poetic story about how the precious stones are cut and how they are transformed into exclusive pieces. The photography is deliberately minimalist and we created innovative graphic patterns using […]

Milan Flagship / Marco Bicego / Retail interior Design

2014 / Located on via della Spiga in Milan’s fashion center, the interior design project for this store is at the heart of the new Retail concept developed for the Brand. Colors and materials in the store are woven tightly together with the Marco Bicego comunication philosophy and esthetics. In the space, nature meets relaxed […]

Patterns / Marco Bicego / Art Direction & Graphics

2013 / We developed a series of patterns made with photographs from jewels to adorn the UNICO Collection coffee-table book. These patterns became a symbol and trademark for the Brand in much of its’ communication up to 2016 and were used in a wide variety of situations, from special window installations, back drop posters for […]

Casa Uno / Personal residence / Interior Design

In 1995 Terri Pecora and architect Nic Bewick started work on Casa Uno, a prefabricated modern style house in the hills outside Milan, Italy. Inspired by Los Angeles inside/outdoor living, the structure of the house was constructed in Austria and finished in Italy with many of Terri’s products and prototypes, as well as vintage furniture […]

Degradè / Simas / Product Design, Bathroom Design, Art Direction & Graphics

2012 / A collection designed with apartment refurbishments, space saving and multi-task options in mind. Some of the the WC’s and sinks have extremely reduced dimensions and  feature other “easy renovation” features like the RENOVATE System. The name “Degrade” refers to the shape of the elements and a special “faded” decoration was studied for the […]

Abstract colors/ Marco Bicego / Art Direction

2014 /  When working on a photo shoot for a Brand, I try to create imagery which is exclusive, evocative and harmonious, yet relevant over time. These slides were taken to support a limited collection for a major client in the States. The photos needed to be neutral enough to be used by the Brand […]

Canguro & Pippo / DNA / Product Design

1994 / I 4 Mariani,  a large and well established upholstery company from Brianza, the heart of Italian furniture design,  created a new design oriented and youthful Brand called DNA. I designed two collections for theM. Canguro (meaning kangaroo) had a pocket to keep your favorite book and reading materials in, and Pippo was a […]

The Simas Manifesto / Simas / Art Direction, Graphics & Marketing Tools

2012 / Simas, a corporation created by 70 artisans in 1955 is still one of the few companies producing 100% made-in-Italy sanitary wares. They needed to explain the inherant values of buying products produced with their artisanal know-how and the rigorous controls imposed by the European Community for international distribution. We designed the graphic ‘Manifesto’ […]

Logo and Hand tags / Escudama / Art Direction & Graphics

2015 / The company Escudama manufacturers products for mothers and babies, but in 2014 they enlarged their production to include a line of iconic school and work bags based on the classic Italian “cartella”, a bag that most Italian children used from the 40’s through to the 80’s to carry their books back and forth […]

Salone del Mobile Retro 50 / Simas / Exhibit Design & Product Design

 2005 / We designed this stand for Simas, for the first edition of il Salone Internazionale del Bagno, during the Salone del Mobile. With a major contribution of co-branding from Bisazza, we covered the walls with the new pattern I had designed for their catalogue, Retro 50. The mood corresponded with the communication tools from […]


To create the countless video’s for Marco Bicego, I enjoyed a productive collaboration with Elisa Minuzzo of Kinarto. Here are just some of the many video’s we created together. My goal was to express a strong Brand identity and Elisa was very sensitive to this breif. In some cases she worked nearly independently, while others […]

Branded Imagery / Marco Bicego / Art Direction & Graphics

2015 / One picture can tell a thousand words, yet it needs to be consistent with a Brand’s visual identity and communication strategy. It  needs to be harmonious with related graphics and stand the test of time. The materials in this slide show demonstrate how I try to keep an even balance between them all.  Photography: […]

Flow / Simas / Product Design, Bathroom Design, Art Direction, Graphics & Bathroom Design

2003 / An architectural concept with minimalist lines in mono-material (ceramic).  Flow’s geometric shapes of wall-hanging sinks and elements defined a collection of new and functional solutions for the bathroom, taking a clean step away from domesticated bathroom furnishings of the day. Matt colors were also introduced, among the first examples in the industry. Flow […]

Link / San Lorenzo / Accessories Design

2003 / The historical Milanese Silver manufacturer, San Lorenzo, commissioned a group of 12 women to design jewelry for them to celebrate “Today’s modern Italian design” for an exhibit called Monili D’Argento. My pieces are are entitled LINK due to their construction in silver (925) tubed links which are bound together with a strip of […]

LUNARIA AQUAMARINE storytelling / Marco Bicego / Art Direction

2015 / Lunaria Aquamarine is a satellite collection of the Lunaria collection. We launched it in the spring so the support material we created was fresh and summer-related. Photographs were created as support for trade presentations, website headers and social network, and all tied in closely with the video.

Color Finishishes / M&Z Rubinetterie / Art Direction

2007 / M&Z Rbinetteri is a large tap producer in northern Italy and I started working as Art Director for the company in 2007. They had been working on an innovative research of color coatings and finishes used primarily in the auto industry. The finishes are extremely resistant and do not scratch. We broke the […]

Baselworld Stand / Marco Bicego / Exhibit Design

2013 / The inspiration for this stand was taken from the recently inaugurated company headquarters in Italy and the updated color pallet and domestic warmth in the Brand’s newly created Retail Concept. A coherent Brand image was the focus of the aesthetics for the construction. The two story stand is in the main hall of […]

Kids Furniture / Play Piu / Product Design & Kids Design

2004 / Play Più is an Italian Company producing soft furnishings for children’s schools and other public areas. They are situated near the renowned Reggio Children pre-school in Reggo Emilia, and the school’s approach deeply influenced the philosophy of the company  Based on a brief provided by the owner, I designed a modular system (Loop) which becomes a comfortable, enclosed play area, and Nido […]

Indian Mood / Simas / Art Direction & Graphics

2011 /  Simas was one of the participants in the exhibit Metamorfosi, hosted by Ceramics Tiles of Italy at the Triennale during the Salone del Mobile, and they invited me to design their installation. The concept for the exhibit revolved around world travel and I choose India as my theme. I asked artist Nuala Goodman, who […]

Grazie Table / Sacra Familia Foundation / Product Design

2016 / Grazie Table was designed for a Charity project curated and organised by Alessandro Guerriero for a woodworking workshop of the Sacra Famiglia Foundation, to help the mentally disabled. The theme of the project was “fragility” and besides myself there were 4 other women designers and artists involved: Lucia Pescador, Denise Bonapace, Donia Maaoui […]

E-Line / Simas / Product Design, Bathroom Design, Art Direction & Graphics

2009 / A collection created to satisfy the requirements of a difficult market shaped by a radical economic evolution. E-line is a collection with fair prices and a deliberately neutral esthetic to please a wide range of clients. The creativity for the brochure focused on a new interpretation of economic materials and interesting suggestions for […]

Retail suggestions / Marco Bicego / Art Direction, Graphics & Marketing Tools

 2006 / As soon as Marco Bicego’s Flagship store in Verona was complete, we designed a prestigious visual document to illustrate the Interior design concept, the Brand’s innovative display system and the new Shop-in-shop system being proposed to clients at the time: the full spectrum of the Brand’s retail experience. This resumptive brochure was an […]

Glass Mosaic / Bisazza / Product Design

2003 – 2013 /  I have always loved the Venetian glass and hand-craftsmanship used to make Bisazza mosaic tiles so in 2004 I approached them with a co-branding project for another client. We developed projects for Simas installations and catalogues, Marco Bicego interiors and visuals, for cultural exhibits and finally for their catalogue as well […]

Ginga Display System / Brumani / Retail and Interior Design & Graphics

A display system designed with Brazilian references to reinforce the Brands heritage. Colors and materials were chosen to reflect the femininity and contemporary style of the jewels. The brochure is a prestigious communication tool created not only to instruct clients how to use the display system, but as a product brochure in its own right.    Photography: Carlo Lavatori

Sketches / Exhibits, Charity, Presentations

Terri went to Art Center College of Design studying Fashion Illustration in the early 80’s and she continues to enjoy drawing today. Included in the slide show are some of her sketches for exhibits (Abitami 2014), Charity projects (FAI ‘Four hundred and sixty-two’ 2010 and DO UT DO 2016), cultural initiatives (Le ricette dei Designers, […]

Cersaie Stand. POP / Ceramica Tecla / Exhibit Design

2005 / A whimsical, ironic and nonsensical approach to presenting a bathroom collection was used make this small company stand out in the crowd. The 50’s inspired pavilion structure covers an (artificial)  nature scene covered with bathroom fixtures and elements. The colors and general spirit of the project were matched to the esthetics of the […]

Consumer Catalogue 2008 / Marco Bicego / Art Direction & Graphics

2008 / “In the pages of this stunning collection of photographs, MARCO BICEGO stages his “opera” celebrating and capturing every detail and unexpected expression of his musical, moving, and fluidly elegant jewelry. Jewelry to accompany you throughout every moment of every day. We invite you to savor and indulge!” This text, featured on the first […]

IL CAIRO storytelling / Marco Bicego / Art Direction

2015 / Il Ciaro is a luxuriously elegant and timeless collection. We frequently photographed it in a dark atmosphere to suggest it’s elusive and elite essence. The video was dedicated to the collection’s namesake and sought to convey the same mysterious quality the jewels inspire.

Craftsmanship / Marco Bicego / Art Direction

A group of images created in the same spirit and mood as the corresponding Ad Campaign to help us talk about the company’s Italian craftsmanship; a quality which helps set the brand apart from it’s competitors. My goal was to communicate the elegance and old-world values the brand is associated with through the timeless adage […]

Technical catalogues / Marco Bicego / Art Direction, Graphics & Marketing Tools

2013 / A technical tool for the trade, this working book focused on a clear description of the pieces with particular attention given to a photographic system to show the jewels in their proper scale – a fundamental detail for retails. Other important information is included, in addition to some abbreviated training for in-house use. The graphics […]

Shop-in-shop concept / Silhouette / Retail interior Design, Product Design

1995 / After designing a couple of collections for Austrian eyewear producer Silhouette, we were invited to design some visual display elements and a shop-in-shop Retail concept for a trial in Denmark. We designed a wall system featuring contemporary design, functional vintage style vertical pull-out drawers for additional viewing, and back lit graphic images to […]

Website Images / Marco Bicego / Art Direction

2015 / These images represent my exploration of how to create imagery for a Brand which is exclusive, evocative and harmonious, yet relevant over time. These slides have been taken from the company’s new e-commerce site launched in 2015 and were part of a large portfolio of photography meant to work together in various venues. Photography: […]

Impronte / Simas / Art Direction, Graphics, Bathroom Design & Exhibit Design

2005-2013 / The search for something new lead to the first-ever contemporary graphics collection applied in the bathroom sector. ‘Impronte’ meaning a permanent mark in Italian, was a collection of graphic decorations originally meant for a very small limited collection.  The idea was ahead of a very strong demand in the market place for patterns […]

AD Campaign 2008-10 / Marco Bicego / Art Direction

2008 / For my first Ad Campaign for Marco Bicego, we worked with photographer Kenneth Willardt in New York and super model Bridget Hall. Nature was emerging as a central theme in the Brand’s communication strategy, as was the concept of ‘layering’ jewels. Wearing many pieces of jewelry together instead of the more traditional 3 […]

Holiday campaigns / Marco Bicego / Art direction & Graphics

2011 – 2014 / The holiday campaigns we created for Marco Bicego always focused on the jewels themselves and highlighted the Brands workmanship techniques. The main jewelry collection of the period was identified, and slogans tied to iconographic symbolism were used to make the connection. Each campaign was developed for web and social media, video, […]

VicenzaOro Stand / Marco Bicego / Exhibit Design

 2007 / A permanent stand for the Vicenza Oro Fair, this two story structure was a perfect opportunity to express the value of  Italian hospitality, so important to the Brands communication. The ground floor included a living room for relaxation and an example of a retail store interior complete with display furniture. At the end […]

Luna / Simas / Product Design, Bathroom Design, Art Direction & Graphics

1996 / Luna was my first collection in the bathroom sector. It was also one of the first ceramic bathroom collections produced with straight lines and architectural corners – a big achievement for the entire team working on the collection. I was inspired by Castiglioni’s series LINDA, which although designed with curves, had a distinctly […]

Mother & Child / Escudama / Kids Design & Accessories Design

2003 / Escudama, an important manufacturer of Kids Design In Italy commissioned us to work on (fabric) accessories and products. We designed diaper bags, baby carriers, travel bags and accessories for contemporary parents looking for products without pink bows and baby-blue bears. Our target was a new generation of parents, sophisticated professionals who traveled, were […]

LUCE storytelling / Marco Bicego / Art Direction

 2015 / Marco Bicego’s new and light weight micro-collection called LUCE (meaning light in italian) was created exclusively for his e-commerce  web site. The video zooms in on the small and delicate pieces in a moody and dramatic tribute to 60’s glamour and fashion. Video: Kinarto.

New Retail Concept / Marco Bicego / Art Direction & Retail Interior Design

2011 – 2013 / Transitioning from one Interior concept to another for a Brand with an established identity is complicated. It was important not to dismantle our existing aesthetics for obvious reasons. We gently but boldly merged into something new by incorporating the Brand’s trademark chocolate brown color and recognizable elements such as our custom […]

MURANO storytelling / Marco Bicego / Art Direction & Graphics

2012 / For the communication of the Murano Collection, which features precious and semi-precious gem stones, the challenge was to avoid a possible connection with Murano Glass blowers. We kept the focus on the Brand’s Italian roots, the tradition of the Venetian territory, and the rich colors of the stones. We highlighted Venice itself and […]

LUNARIA storytelling / Marco Bicego / Art Direction & Graphics

2014 / For Marco Bicego’s new collection in 2013, we chose a name that would reflect the Brand’s inherent values of nature, hand craftsmanship and organic forms. The name ‘Lunaria’ was a perfect fit and enabled us to create wonderful story-telling tools. The visual imagery we created shows how this unusual plant inspired the shapes […]

Impronte Special Edition / Simas / Product Design, Bathroom Design, Art Direction & Graphics

2005-2013 / The search for something new lead to the first-ever contemporary graphics collection applied in the bathroom sector. ‘Impronte’ meaning a permanent mark in Italian, was a collection of graphic decorations originally meant for a very small limited collection.  The idea was ahead of a very strong demand in the market place for patterns […]

PARADISE storytelling / Marco Bicego / Art Direction

2015 /  is one of the oldest and best selling collections in the Brand’s repertoire, and we wanted to lend support to keep it going. We used Spring as our launchpad because Paradise’s fresh feminine colors were just right for the season, and came up with the slogan Color Explosion to give it extra punch. […]

Cersaie / M&Z Rubinetterie / Exhibit Design

2007 / This stand for M&Z Rubinetteria was designed to convey the values of the Company: technically oriented, serious & transparent, design oriented. We chose the Bonsai Pine as a symbol for the Brand’s commitment to Nature. The budget was limited so inexpensive materials were chosen and the design concept was neautral to allow for […]

Innovative Display kit and Manual / Marco Bicego / Interior and Retail Design & Graphics

 2004 /  We designed an innovative display system in 2003 for Marco Bicego made from lightweight molded faux-leather elements. Some of the highlights in the display system included exotic and natural elements such as seeds, branches and the plexi glass branded flower vases to accompany those objects.  Nature was an important part of the Brand’s […]

AD Campaign 2010 / Marco Bicego / Art Direction & Graphics

2010 / This was a difficult year for the world market so we took the challenge to work with a limited budget. We shot with veteran fashion photographer Nancy Fina at Casa Uno (my villa) in the hills outside of Piacenza. The mood of the campaign reflected the Brands elected slogan, Everyday Luxury, and called attention […]