JAIPUR storytelling/ Marco Bicego / Art Direction & Graphics

    2009 / Jaipur was the new collection of the year and a special catalogue was created in it’s honor. The attention, obviously, was on the custom cut stones from India. We kept to the already established travel theme in the Brands repertoire and called the new entry JAIPUR. Here is the copy we created to tell the story.

    Amethyst, lemon citrine, peridot, yellow quartz, blue topaz, green and rose tourmaline, green amethyst, champagne quartz: iridescent and multifaceted. These are the stones of Jaipur, the city where the world’s top engravers draw the most profound beauty from each stone with unmatched skill and expertise. The stones reflect the spicy flavor of the Orient, in infinite varieties of color and light, each uniquely individual, originating from rich Indian culture and molded into modern symbols of luxury.

    photograghy: Marco Candelli