Consumer Catalogue 2008 / Marco Bicego / Art Direction & Graphics

    2008 / “In the pages of this stunning collection of photographs, MARCO BICEGO stages his “opera” celebrating and capturing every detail and unexpected expression of his musical, moving, and fluidly elegant jewelry. Jewelry to accompany you throughout every moment of every day. We invite you to savor and indulge!”

    This text, featured on the first page of the catalogue, was my starting point in defining the main concepts that I would be working with over the following years for the Marco Bicego Brand. The photos were extremely ‘macro’ allowing us to convey the textural craftsmanship involved in the manufacturing process. The dark brown wenge wood was used as a background to tie into the visuals I had created for the Brand the previous year, an essential detail connecting communication and visuals together.

    Photography: Marco Cardelli