Complicity / La Casa do ut do e i Valori dell’Abitare / charity

    2016/ Alessandro Mendini curated the 2016 DO UT DO charity event called the ‘House of DO UT DO’. I was included in the list of eight leading architects and designers who he asked to design conceptual rooms for the exhibition. These rooms were experienced as a 3D visual tour at prestigious events in some of Italy’s most important contemporary art museums. The DO UT DO House is also ‘furnished’ with objects created especially for the exhibit and will be auctioned off to important collectors in the final event. All proceeds will fuel the Hospice program.

    I dedicated my room to COMPLICITY and designed a space where two entities can express themselves freely. Because of this serene, safe space, the couple moves on and creates the third entity, complicity. In the imaginary room there are two independent walls which create a pure form together through their cast shadows. The object I designed for the DO UT DO House is also dedicated to complicity. A lamp, made by MARTINELLI LUCE, consists of two bright orange semi-spheres of plexi glass. Joined together they create the form of a circle, the representation of complicity.