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    1985 – 1997 / When I was 20 I shopped at the first-ever store in the states (on Melrose Avenue in LA) selling cool and hip eyewear. They designed many of their own frames and I asked if I could try my hand at it too. So my first pair of glasses were sketched out on tracing paper and given to L.A.Eyeworks, who transformed them into the “Gigantor,” and others followed. Based on those designs, Studio Sottass in Milan commissioned me to do a collection of eyewear for Esprit, for whom they were the Art Directors at the time. After that, I designed various models for Persol, among which, their first pair of metal rimmed glasses paired with the iconic arrow-hinge and acetate temples. In 1993I worked with Matteo Thun on his s)unlimited collection for Silhouette. I designed the concept and the frames for the innovative project and put together the graphic team for the decorations on the temples.  I later worked directly with Silhouette designing my own collection “Past and present” and various sports frames for the Adidas label they produced, as well as Visual Display elements and even their first Retail concept for shop-in-shop corners.