Logo and Hand tags / Escudama / Art Direction & Graphics

    2015 / The company Escudama manufacturers products for mothers and babies, but in 2014 they enlarged their production to include a line of iconic school and work bags based on the classic Italian “cartella”, a bag that most Italian children used from the 40’s through to the 80’s to carry their books back and forth from home to school. By updating the details and offering the bags in a myriad of colors and textured materials, a new category of bags was created and they are sold in some of the most prestigious department stores throughout the world. We updated the company’s logo and designed a “metal label” to apply to all the products. A series of hang tags were designed and customized through copy for each category of bags (work briefcases, children’s bags, mothers bags). Our goal was to communicate a “vintage” feeling while being neutral enough to allow for versatility. The minimalist graphics are juxtaposed by a nostalgic reference to the small metal name tags tied to every child’s ‘cartella’. A hint of metal can be found embossed on each corner of the recycled cardboard hang tags.

    Graphic assistant: Felipe Ospina. Copy: Elisabetta Zerbatto. Photography: Carlo Lavoratori.