New Retail Concept / Marco Bicego / Art Direction & Retail Interior Design

    2011 – 2013 / Transitioning from one Interior concept to another for a Brand with an established identity is complicated. It was important not to dismantle our existing aesthetics for obvious reasons. We gently but boldly merged into something new by incorporating the Brand’s trademark chocolate brown color and recognizable elements such as our custom designed Bisazza panels and open grained wood. This allowed us time to develop the complete system and helped us to avoid the necessity of immediately removing existing displays and shop-in-shop corners throughout the world. The new concept incorporated a strong sense of domesticiy and hospitality, which is part of our Italian story-telling theme, hense living-room objects as well as natural elements finish the detailing. The new color pallet and material board also influenced the communication tools we subsequently created so a clear identity was always aligned through the visuals and marketing elements to allow for a complete identity.