VicenzaOro Stand / Marco Bicego / Exhibit Design

     2007 / A permanent stand for the Vicenza Oro Fair, this two story structure was a perfect opportunity to express the value of  Italian hospitality, so important to the Brands communication. The ground floor included a living room for relaxation and an example of a retail store interior complete with display furniture. At the end of the space was a fully equipped kitchen and bar area, allowing Marco Bicego to offer his guests the best of Italian food and wine specialties from the Venetian region. The stand was finished with an exclusive pattern of Bisazza mosaic tiles, (another Venetian luxury company) which was a very strong element in the Brand’s visuals and retail package of that period. The perforated wood grill surrounding the exterior of the stand was an extension and reinterpretation of the Bisazza tiles, allowing for privacy, but lightness too. Exotic plants and natural elements were used to decorate the space, recalling simiilar elements used in the Brand’s window display visuals. A reserved area for selling was located upstairs.