Grazie Table / Sacra Familia Foundation / Product Design

2016 / Grazie Table was designed for a Charity project curated and organised by Alessandro Guerriero for a woodworking workshop of the Sacra Famiglia Foundation, to help the mentally disabled. The theme of the project was “fragility” and besides myself there were 4 other women designers and artists involved: Lucia Pescador, Denise Bonapace, Donia Maaoui and  Nathalie du Pasquier. The design of the table incorporates contrasting forms and colors as a metaphor of what happens when a group of people sit together to share a meal. Contrasting ideas and beliefs can be neutralised through the ancient ritual of breaking bread and for this reason I called the table Grazie. Food, and the art and love of cooking, can bring people together. The table is made from a geometric shaped, covered cement block (with incorporated wheels) and an organic shaped table top in MDF, painted by master decorator, Grazia Mazzone in faux wood.

Photography: Emilio Tremolada