Baby design / Vice Versa / Product Design & Kids Design

    2003 / Elisa Gargan, a friend, design colleague, and at the time, a young mother, asked myself and Lorenza Bozzoli to work on a project with her designing a line of baby products for the company Vice Versa. Her expertise was working with plastic products so we decided to re-invent those most boring of all baby products; baby bottles, pacifiers, baby spoons, etc.. In the slide show are some of the projects Elisa and I designed together. The Cow bottle had a soft silicone top which was also good for playing, the feed-the-fish plate helped mother make dinner time more playful. The frozen chick was used for sore gums during teething time and the little silicone-tipped spoon had colourful balls inside to distract baby. The last object in the slide show is a bottle dryer. Some of the products were featured in the ADI Design Index and in international shows on Italian product design, the latest being an exhibition called W Women in Italian Design, at the Triennale for the Salone del Mobile, 2016.